​Early detection and prevention of disease is the key to maintaining oral health for older persons.  Our practice philosophy focuses on prevention and maintenance of our patients’ oral health.

Regular Oral Care

​To ensure optimal oral care, we schedule routine cleaning appointments and examinations on a schedule individually tailored to each patient's oral health needs.

PREVENTION is the key to healthy living and keeping your mouth healthy does not happen by accident.

Our Philosophy

The "No Pain = No Problem" Myth

In our practice we often dispel the myth that no pain equals no problem. As one ages, the nerves and blood vessels inside a tooth shrink. Older persons do not experience tooth pain as significantly as someone who is younger.  Significant tooth decay and destruction can occur with no oral symptom or manifestation.  It is not uncommon for an older person to be unaware of a broken tooth. 

Often, people who wear complete or partial dentures think that they do not need to have a dentist check their dentures because they still fit as well as the day they received them.  Unfortunately, there can be a number of oral problems, such as ill-fitting dentures and oral cancer causing bone destruction, mouth ulcers, and even death with minimal or no oral symptom or manifestation.  When natural teeth are extracted, the bone continually resorbs or “dissolves.”  This process occurs so slowly that a person who wears dentures can easily accommodate to these bony changes for many years.  Unfortunately, when a person with dentures starts to recognize a problem with the fit of the denture, the oral problem is quite advanced. 

An essential method of detecting oral problems that are still repairable is through a comprehensive oral examination by a dental professional.  Prevention and early detection of problems are the keys to maintaining a healthy smile for a lifetime.

H E A L T H Y   S M I L E S   F O R   A   L I F E T I M E

​M A R Y  M  F I S H E R,  D D S ​​